Friday, February 3, 2012

Make money with blogger and AD Dynamo


Blogger is a free website provided by google that allow you to publish article, image, videos etc. This kind of site is ideal for people who want a web presence but lack the necessary skill or cannot afford to spend money. With blogger, you just need to register (no coding) and start posting. Furthermore, you will get a web address to your blog.  

AD Dynamo 

AD Dynamo is an online advertisement agency. They pay website and blog owners cash just to display their ads on the publishers website. So whenever visitors (not you) click on these ads, you get to earn. AD:Dynamo pays you as soon as your earnings reaches $20. All you have to do is signup, get the code to paste on your blog and start driving traffic. 

Where to create blogger and an AD Dynamo account

To create a blogger account, visit Blogger
To create an AD Dynamo account, visit AD Dynamo

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